Into the Wild: The Miraculous Norway Adventure

It was sometime between when I filled my camelpack with glacier melt and started a fire with my own hands that I realized Norway might be my favorite country so far. This might come as a surprise since my last two entries have been a little on the down side, but that is only aContinue reading “Into the Wild: The Miraculous Norway Adventure”

This is Morocco Part 2: “How many camels, please?”

This might be more of a rant than anything else, but I can’t help it.  Again, I’ve had a great time here in Morocco, but I could never live here. In the past 25 days I have come to a better understanding of Arab culture, and you know what? It’s not for me. This isContinue reading “This is Morocco Part 2: “How many camels, please?””

Portugal: The Paradise and the Wasteland

The Paradise and the Wasteland My arrival to Portugal was a complete anomaly as far as hitch-hiking goes. This realization came to me as I found myself standing at the exit of a truck stop some 20 kilometers north of Santarem on May 1st. I was in poor spirits. The previous day was about asContinue reading “Portugal: The Paradise and the Wasteland”

The Last Post About Winter

You woke up to the usual sights and sounds of your room. Wrapped in your sleeping bad, underneath your duvet, huddled next to Maria. You poked your head out from underneath the covers and watched your breath stream up into the air above you. *sigh* In preparation for your departure, you did a quick loadContinue reading “The Last Post About Winter”