Poker Face

For me, Estonia was a bar in Tartu and 6 hours laying face down on a massage table. I’m serious. I did go to Tallinn, but I really have nothing to say about it other than it’s a city and I had amazing strawberries.  We were looking for some excitement, but it never presented itself.Continue reading “Poker Face”

Into the Wild: The Miraculous Norway Adventure

It was sometime between when I filled my camelpack with glacier melt and started a fire with my own hands that I realized Norway might be my favorite country so far. This might come as a surprise since my last two entries have been a little on the down side, but that is only aContinue reading “Into the Wild: The Miraculous Norway Adventure”

The Deepest Conversation in a While

  On a run in Norway I had the following conversation: M: so, are you happy? K: I don’t know. I don’t think I am.  M: That is the saddest thing I have heard in a long time.  It’s true. I don’t know if I am happy. It’s not on the table yet, but thereContinue reading “The Deepest Conversation in a While”

Adventures in the Highs and Lows

This was taken from an email I wrote to a friend. I realized that I am not exactly comfortable sharing my lows on this blog. I guess it comes from the idea that I am on this trip and I want to be having fun all the time, and I want my friends and familyContinue reading “Adventures in the Highs and Lows”

This is Morocco Part 2: “How many camels, please?”

This might be more of a rant than anything else, but I can’t help it.  Again, I’ve had a great time here in Morocco, but I could never live here. In the past 25 days I have come to a better understanding of Arab culture, and you know what? It’s not for me. This isContinue reading “This is Morocco Part 2: “How many camels, please?””

This is Morocco Part 1: Hospitality

I want to share a chronicle of what I have done on my trip so far in Morocco and how blown away I have been by Moroccan hospitality. But I also have a lot of thoughts and (a lot) of feelings about what it has been like traveling as a western, white, lesbian couple in a MuslimContinue reading “This is Morocco Part 1: Hospitality”

Progression: A guy walks out of a bar…

It was July 11th 2011 and I found myself at Cafe 101 on Van Ness celebrating my cousin Josh’s 24th birthday. I was there with my girlfriend at the time, Zarah, along with Jesse, Grace and my friend Whitney. At one point Zarah wanted to step outside to smoke a cigarette. I followed her outContinue reading “Progression: A guy walks out of a bar…”

Portugal: The Paradise and the Wasteland

The Paradise and the Wasteland My arrival to Portugal was a complete anomaly as far as hitch-hiking goes. This realization came to me as I found myself standing at the exit of a truck stop some 20 kilometers north of Santarem on May 1st. I was in poor spirits. The previous day was about asContinue reading “Portugal: The Paradise and the Wasteland”

The Way

Foreword: I decided sometime during the Camino that I was going to start writing my blog in the first person. I originally started this as something different. I suppose at the time I did not feel as though I truly owned this travel persona that I was inhabiting. But as of now, I have fullyContinue reading “The Way”